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Updated: Feb 17, 2019

The Twin Cities area is full of fantastic cocktail bars but this post is going to focus on one specific craze...the speakeasy...just don't tell anyone! While this may not be a comprehensive list, below are some of our favorites!

Feeling Dangerous at the Back Bar in Young Joni

The Back Bar at Young Joni - Northeast/Minneapolis

Looking to relax in your grandma's basement - then this is the place to be! Surrounded by fun, kitchy, vintage decor and great music always rolling. The menu is constantly changing and absolutely fantastic details go into creating each new cocktail as well as the different menu books - some of our favorites have been the bird book and the high school year book. You can also grab one of their tasty pizzas, only difference from the front of the restaurant is keeping the toppings to the classics.

Volstead Emporium - Lyn-Lake/Minneapolis

If ambiance is what you're after then Volstead Emporium is the place to be with a super sneaky entrance which really sets the tone for the night. The spot on decor and period cocktails are truly a joy to experience. When you're there, be sure to grab a seat at one of the booths and watch the fireplace near the entrance!

Prohibition Bar - Downtown/Minneapolis

While most speakeasies have you going to the underground, this one has you soaring in the sky on the 23rd floor of the W Hotel in the Foshay Tower. The circular layout is awesome to take in the floor to ceiling views of the downtown skyscape. A lovely nightcap or before dinner drinks are sure to impress in this historic building.

Marvel Bar - Warehouse District/Minneapolis

If you're headed to dinner in the North Loop, The Marvel Bar is a fun place to grab a cocktail. Tucked away in the back parking lot at Bachelor Farmer, this is the place to see and be seen and enjoy a craft cocktail.

Al's Place - Northeast/Minneapolis

Definitely one of the most fun entrances to a speakeasy! Take a picture in the photo booth beside the bar at Stanley's in Northeast and knock on the wall - there's a whole world above to enjoy! Just keep it quiet and stay in character, they won't let you up if you let on that you're looking for the speakeasy.

Vieux Carre - Downtown/St. Paul

The long-time haunt as the jazz club formerly known as the Artists' Quarter, this is a fun place to watch some killer jazz in the basement of the Hamm Building. Vieux Carre translates in french as "The Old Quarter" and is also an old time New Orleans classic cocktail. Enjoy the old times and cozy in at this basement hangout owned by the Dakota Jazz Club.

The Green Latern - Lowertown/St. Paul

Another fun place to watch music in St. Paul - this is a little less sneaky as you can see through the stairs down from The Public House up above. Gorgeous exposed brick walls and comfy living room chairs set the tone for great night out on the town.

The Velveteen - Stillwater

Awesome little spot tucked away in the JX Event Center just a couple blocks up the hill in Stillwater. One of our favorite parts of this spot is the 1920's music they have blaring in the stairwell down, complete with a gramophone.

Volstead House - Eagan

Taking it to the 'burbs and to the back of a gas station through Burgers & Bottles, this speakeasy does not disappoint with great food a beautiful outside patio with firepits. Floor to ceiling bookshelves filled with a huge assortment of booze help the mixologists create some great craft cocktails.

The Mudd Room - Mendota

Beautiful addition to the side basement of Lucky's 13 in Mendota. Sumptuous fabrics and low lighting make this another fabulous option to stay in the suburbs but still enjoy great atmosphere. A steady line-up of more great musicians showcase just how talented and fortunate we are to have an amazing arts culture in Minnesota!





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